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BSc Economics & Finance

Programme Overview

Under The Academic Guidance Of London School Of Economics And Political Science, this degree offers you the opportunity to combine in-depth studies in economics and finance. It provides you with the analytical tools from the fields of mathematics,statistics, economics and econometrics together with institutional knowledge required to work as a financial economist.

This degree has been designed to provide the economic reasoning, quantitative skills, and institutional knowledge required by financial economists to solve practical problems arising in finance. These skills should make graduates highly suited for further studies as well as for a career in investment banking or in financial markets.

The programme has been developed by academics at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), regarded as an international centre of academic excellence and innovation in the social sciences.

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Course Structure - Foundation Units

100 Courses
1 EC1002 Introduction to economics
2 ST104A (Half course) Statistics 1
+ ST104B (Half course) Statistics 2
3 MT105A (Half course) Mathematics 1
+ MT105B Mathematics 2
or MT1186 Mathematical methods
4 One course (or two half courses) from Selection groups F1 or F2
200 & 300 Courses
5 EC2065 Macroeconomics
6 EC2066 Microeconomics
7 EC2020 Elements of econometrics
8 FN2190 Asset pricing and financial markets
9 FN2191 Principles of corporate finance
10 EC3115 Monetary economics
or EC3099 Industrial economics
11 FN3142 Quantitative finance
12 One 200 or 300 course (or two half courses) from any Selection group


  • During the curriculum, students gain insights into the course and theory of finance whilst learning the investigation models of finance with respect to large economies.
  • This will equip you to pursue a career in areas like :
    • Economic/financial research
    • Investment banking
    • Corporate finance
    • Central banking
    • Policymaking
    • Data science
    • Private equity and hedge funds.

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